The MLG CS:GO Columbus Major

[Buy CSGO Skins,Cheap CSGO Items – CSGOSK.COM]The aboriginal day at MLG Columbus is in the books, and it is time to attending at what went down CSGO Skins in the aperture annular matches in Columbus on Tuesday in the aboriginal anytime $1 actor Counter-Strike tournament.


Unfortunately for NiP, pyth’s acceptance issues will ruin this event. NiP could still accomplish playoffs over mousesports, but any dreams the aggregation had of authoritative the semifinals — as abounding added teams had appropriate was attainable in interviews arch up to the accident — were crushed. The weight is too abundant for the annoyed amateur of f0rest and GeT_RiGhT — that abundant became credible in the 19-17 overtime win over FlipSid3, with both of NiP’s stars putting in big numbers, alone to about scrape a win adjoin the group’s declared weakest team.

mousesports, which will be advancing with NiP for that playoff atom already Luminosity has smacked the Ninjas about on Day 2, showed up in form. The aggregation came aural a ailing played anti-eco annular and one added win from banishment overtime adjoin apple No. 2 Luminosity, admitting its third appulse amateur nex accepting invisible. If NiKo can get some advice from both nex and chrisJ at the aforementioned time, this aggregation is deadly. On the added hand, Luminosity angry active by accepting fer play throughout mirage’s arresting ancillary with an MP9, acceptance the aggregation to use a bifold AWP bureaucracy with FalleN and coldzera manning the snipers.

Liquid was the aboriginal American abruptness of the day, calmly cutting up a 12-3 agitator ancillary advance on accumulation acknowledgment to the avowal of adreN, the amateur who was removed from the aggregation in February. As at the qualifier, adreN played able-bodied — acceptable two key rounds, and advancing aural milliseconds of a ninja defuse — and was conceivably Liquid’s best amateur in the game. FaZe connected searching weak, as the aggregation has aback the acclaimed semifinal run at the antecedent major. Adding RobbaN — above NiP and SK amateur from Counter-Strike 1.6 — as a drillmaster acutely has not anchored the aggregation out of nowhere.

fnatic destroyed SPLYCE on alternation in its opener. The Americans had a adventitious to put some circuit on the board, but bad habits accepted to die harder as they continuously went for too advancing plays if up in numbers, and flusha’s aggregation took every inch the youngsters gave them. Later, Gambit’s aboriginal 5-1 advance over astralis on the arresting ancillary of the aforementioned map was bound addled on its arch with the Danes ultimately prevailing 16-10, acceptable a deluge of abutting circuit admitting an aboriginal scare.

Elsewhere, EnVyUs gave us added affidavit the aggregation is all but dead, scoring alone eight circuit in what looked like a apathetic accomplishment adjoin a well-oiled CLG aggregation on cobblestone. It would be nice to accord the aggregation accomplished by pita added credit, but EnVyUs is currently anemic.

Group D saw Cloud9 jump to an aboriginal advance adjoin Na`Vi, scoring the aboriginal six circuit on train. It did not yield continued for the ex-CIS assertive to amount its opponents out, however, and by bisected Cloud9 was down 7-8, admitting arena on the easier side. As terrorists, n0thing struggled in arch his aggregation to annular wins, accepting alone two on the lath as his aggregation absent its opener on its home clay at 9-16, with Na`Vi on a 16-3 run by the end of the game.

In the final bold of the day, in actuality decimated G2 on train, starting on the harder agitator ancillary and somehow acceptable the bold 16-1. Notably the AWP was captivated in Snax’s hands, with both baron and NEO rifling throughout the game. This bodes able-bodied for Poles,csgosk which has a solid history adjoin Na`Vi. G2 is adverse yet accession accumulation date abolishment at a major. At ESL One Cologne 2014 it absent to Cloud9, and afresh was destroyed out 16-1 by dignitas (current astralis). This one could end up in reverse, with arena the role of the Danes. The anathema lives on.


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