4rsGold.com of Runelabs Crazy Ideas For Clan Armors

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He wondersed why did they just stop at a cloak for a long time ever since the Clan Camp and Citadels came out. Why not some cool cosmetic clan armor or something for events and meetings.

His idea is basically your clan leader or deputy can go to the citadel, and in the clan armor station, they can take pieces of armor and combine them together to make pieces of armor for your clan to enjoy and show off their colors.

Jagex can simply take pieces and parts from existing armors and use those or make some new ones. The idea is that you take the smaller pieces of each item slot and combined them, He expects a similar interface to that of the avatar editor.

Example, Bandos right shoulder pad with rune plate body left shoulder with dragon arms with a Torag’s torso, all in the color of your clan motif. Of couse this can also be switched out for brand new armor pieces made by the Jagex team. Either or will be amazing.

So somewhere inside the citadel, you will be able to craft a new building, similar to how you make a clan avatar habitat. It will have several tiers unlocked with different amounts of resources. At each higher tier you will unlock more pieces and parts to choose from, possibly more ares to add in as well.

He’d like to see this new clan armor as an override more than anything, but a simple cosmetic suit to put on for events will be fine as well, so that we don’t screw up Solomon. The higher tiers can offer small things like spikes, marks, blood stains, scratches and more.

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