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Matrix Network Technology Company’s 4RSGOLD.COM site offer RS Gold( Our VK Page: )>>> Well, everyday we will give out a rs player-suggested game content idea. They are great though the ideas still need some adjustment. So today, here is the idea of random event for divination, since wisps are scattered roaming energy that floats throughout Gielinor from east to west.

Here is the idea. We can have an event where a random mob in the area “absorbs” some of these wisp and becomes a bigger powerful meaner version of the monster. When this happens, it would be juiced up with tons of health and combat power with new set of abilities. Players in the area would be required to work together to stop this event.

Players can either fight it off to allow the wisp to escape briefly while other people can weaken it by farming the wips off of the monster. Wehn a monster consumes certain amount and type of wisp the tier of wisp will be added in front.

If players don’t weaken the mob, the wisps will simply fly back into the mob, and the longer it holds the wisp, the more power it manifests.

The monster should be aggressive, but Cheap RS Gold only to a short distance. The play should make a choice whether you want to fight it or not. The level would depend on the tier of the wisp. So pale would be the lowest multiplier for the monster.

When you successfully dealt with the event, you all get divination bonus exp, little bit of combat exp and a set amount of energy correlating to type of tier the mob was at. Maybe rare loot depending on the mob?

Any suggestion to this event idea? If you have something to know, please let us know.

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