I can alone change it to lvl 40

This skull-crushing weapon is tiered, acceptance its new wielder to baddest the stats of their baleful mace, from 1 through to 60! You can even use the right-click to accomplish an off-hand version…zyyback.wordpress.com

I can alone change it to lvl 40, fix it please

So wait, we in fact accept to buy one from a 7-Eleven? How would they even apperceive if you bought it from a altered store? There’s no 7-Eleven’s in the absolute accompaniment I reside in. I would absolutely buy the dejected prepaid agenda if I could but why does it accept to be from 7-Eleven? If you broadcast it to any store, again humans in added countries could participate too and you would get a lot added money Jagex..

Well I went to my bounded Seven 11 abundance today and bought the dejected agenda there and paid $25.00 usa dollar’s and adored it and did not recieve my chargeless golblin basher. I did it all actual and I’m not blessed at the moment that I got no and no goblin basher. I feel ripped off.

After 4 months of exceptional we get this… An account which is akin 40, so absolutely abortive which requires us to acquirement emblem keys to use them as an override,zyy.com or delay like all the none exceptional associates and acquirement them as overrides. Its “free” and I’m aghast deceit brainstorm how the humans feel who in fact acquirement associates cards for this.


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